electronic intervention in open space

The mobile phone is some kind of prosthetic to humans. It is an electronic extension which contains a wide range of private informations about the owner. To attack this device means to enter the privacy of human kinds. So everybody is afraid of bluesnarfing, hacking or other forms of technical abuse.

The second aspect is to bring the menace of war-torne landscapes to save territories. In the case of anti-personna-mines that menace is simulated by mapping an minemap from Afghanistan, Kambodscha or Bosnien to a location based in Germany or some other save countrys.
The work contains the “shock of discovery” Everybody within the minezone is an potential victim. The mobile phone is just some kind of trigger to initiate a maybe shocking experience for the spectator.

Technically after mapping the minefield on a save place the base for the electrical mines is set. The mine should react on mobile phones, she attacks just on a different level. The whole process of reaction is set in a space not detectable for humans. There is stealth communication between electric devices. On the other hand the detonation or explosion should be recogniceable and shocking.